Content Development

It is so important to have a content development and marketing strategy. Participating in industry forums; providing the media and public with information; and developing content, such as case studies, blogs, videos, educational information, image libraries, etc, helps your organization remain relevant and timely.  A lack of presence in conversations can be perceived negatively. 

Content does not end at creation.  A thoughtful distribution and measurement strategy is also a prerequisite for success.

When developing your content strategy, ask yourself, what are our main goals?

• Drive prospective members and supporters to your website?
• Drive non-dues revenue and membership?
• Improve your member and non-member’s experience with your organization?
• Position your organization as a leader in the industry?
• Increase organization awareness?
• Improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
• Create additional value to your members?

AH can help you get started and enhance what you currently have. 

Sample Deliverables:
• Content Discovery (What do you have already? What can be refreshed? What needs to be created from scratch?)
• Identify all assets to include in the content audit.  Content can include white papers, videos, industry reports, webinar recordings, pictures, case studies, etc.
• Organize current content based number of downloads, feedback, how it fits into your organization’s mission and vision, and any other website analytics
• Investigate current content trends and align them to your content inventory. 
• Content Mapping (what is your content creation and distribution strategy?)
• Indentify strengths and weaknesses in current content inventory and alignment to industry content trends.
• Development of a content strategy and road map.
• Create and Refresh (constantly update and create new content based on feedback and metrics)
• Create content based on completed audit and mapping effort to fill gaps in content alignment to our target audience and build on the strength of existing assets
• Recommend content on a regular basis to help keep content timely and relevant
• Development of recommended content which can include videos, interactive quizzes, assessment tools, blog posts and more.
• Ongoing reporting and analytics will help monitor and optimize content performance based on web analytics, behavioral analytics, conversation reporting, version testing, content/topic relevancy and more. 

If your goal is to influence, inspire, and move your community, content that people want and need must be created.  Let AH’s marketing and communications professionals in the Red Chair Communications division work with your subject matter experts and create something memorable and timely.