Association Headquarters

As your partner, AH provides a community of associations and non-profits that offer innovation, inspiration and a wealth of experience. The solutions you’re looking for in order to drive your organization toward success are found at AH. From full service management to custom needs like membership, meetings, communications, technology and more. Your organization can feel comfortable in calling your space at AH, home. For 40 years, we have been providing organizations with a robust, cost-effective headquarters with a staff that works with volunteer leaders to achieve their mission and advance their organization.

When an association becomes an AH client partner, they can expect to become part of a community of non-profits and associations, all working to better their specific industry. Although industries and best practices will differ across the board, ideas can be adapted and partnerships can form within this community.

AH offers any service an association or non-profit client would need in order to succeed. By providing full-service management as well as project support, client partners can expect the best quality of service no matter what solutions AH is offering.

As a management company, AH serves as the headquarters for our client partners. Associations and non-profits can expect a permanent place for their headquarters without worry. We provide space that becomes a home in many ways for our client partners.

The Association Headquarters Difference

We know choosing a new management company or transitioning from an established provider relationship is a serious decision and one that is not made lightly. When your organization takes a seat at our table, we are committed to the following:

  • Proactively focusing on growth and innovation for your organization

  • Actively responding to our client partner needs and delivering exceptional customer service to members

  • Creating financial strength through transparent and timely reporting and accounting

  • Providing transparency in staffing models and management fees

  • Embracing technology for automation and creation of memorable end-user experiences

  • Strategically executing in order to keep volunteer leaders mission-focused and thinking about the big picture

  • Quality service and professionalism. Association Headquarters is an association management company accredited by the AMC Institute (to ANSI standard)  An AMC Institute accredited AMC has invested significant time and money to meet or exceed the requirements, and organizations can be assured that accredited AMCs demonstrate a high level of professionalism and responsibility. Achievement of AMC Institute Accreditation demonstrates an AMC's commitment and ability to deliver consistent quality service to present and prospective clients.

Your Seat

We understand the view from where you sit and when you partner with AH, you will experience:

  • A Partnership. Association Headquarters provides each full-service client partner with a senior relationship expert to ensure that your Board is in the know, our staff learns about your industry and/or profession so we can “talk the talk,” and we provide ideas based on our best practices with working with associations for over 35 years and trends we are seeing.

  • Credentialed and Experienced Staff. Association Headquarters values professional development and you will interact with professionals who have credentials in areas such as association management, meeting planning, exhibit management, organization management, accounting, and project management. 

  • Financial Accountability. Accrual-based accounting provides full transparency to your organization.

  • Domestic and International Growth. Our client partners have seen growth through conducting market research, auditing the competitive landscape, understanding industry and member trends, and utilizing technology that fosters engagement and interactivity.

  • Happy Employees. Employees have named Association Headquarters one of the “Best Places to Work” in the Greater Philadelphia region 6 times in the past 7 years