Co-Chair Solutions

Co-Chair Solutions, a division of AH, partners with your organization for all your non-profit’s accounting, website development and database integration, staffing and recruiting, non-dues revenue, technology assessments, certification management, and strategic planning needs.

The Co-Chair Solutions Difference

Choosing a partner to help with your outsourcing needs is time-consuming and a big decision. When your organization takes a seat at our table, we are committed to the following:

  • Presenting solutions that are customized and fit within your budget

  • Proactively focusing on growth and innovation for your organization

  • Developing new products and ideas that engage your membership and create additional non-dues revenue opportunities.

  • Actively responding to our client partner needs and delivering exceptional customer service to members

  • Through an insightful and in-depth strategic planning session, help align your goals, objectives, strategies and tactics as the cornerstone of your strategic plan. 

Your Seat

We understand the view from where you sit and when you partner with Co-Chair Solutions, you will experience:

  • Solutions to High-Priority, Non-Dues Revenue Challenges. With the change in economic pressures and major budget cuts across virtually every aspect of the economy, securing non-dues revenue has become increasingly more difficult. Our Industry Relations specialists specifically tackle this for our client partners head-on, reinforcing the value that your organization provides to the commercial supporters

  • Technology Solutions.  We believe in assessing the situation and following web standards and current best development practices to create solid, efficient solutions that serve an organization’s Mission and Strategic Plan

  • Experitise in accreditation and certification management

  • An understanding of your organization’s finances by working with dedicated staff accountants who will walk you through financial reports to make sure you are 100% confident in your financial health 

  • Human Resources professionals, who know what to look for when recruiting in the non-profit arena, to help staff your team