Credentialing Management


Certification is used as a proxy for ensuring excellence and industry relevance in today’s changing business environment. Maintaining an accreditation or certification body demonstrates an organization’s skills and expertise in its subject matter and its Certification Managementadvancement as a professional leader. Associations offering credentialing demonstrate dedication to being the best in their industries through examination.

Executive management of a credentialing body requires a high level of professional and business skills, such as foundational and advanced knowledge of the test development process, implementation of the eligibility requirements, advanced customer service, and certification data management.

AH understands the importance of being certified, as well as the exam process, deployment, and maintenance involved with certification. AH will help position your organization for continued growth, relevance, and sustainability.

AH has been managing credentialing bodies since 2005, with certificants ranging from 400 to over 30,000. 

We understand the goals of developing a continuous improvement plan for certification/education. AH helped the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) develop the Case Manager Body of Knowledge (CMBOK), an online resource tool for all case managers and other healthcare professionals across all practice settings. The Commission’s research and leadership team recognized the need for a single source.

We understand investigating curriculum formats and delivering alternatives, as well as investigating blended learning professional development opportunities for registrants and instructors. AH helped client partner, The American Society of Hand Therapists’ (ASHT), develop a Test Prep for the Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) Exam, which is a detailed reference tool for therapists desiring to earn the CHT credential. It includes relevant evidence, provides references from peer-reviewed journal articles, includes text and review questions, and presents hundreds of images to enhance visual learning. Through a combination of print and digital access, ASHT has created a valuable resource for referencing relevant anatomy, surgical procedures, treatment guidelines, and orthotic regimens for the various diagnoses that therapists treat on a daily basis.