Video & Digital Media

Video for your association

Online video has become one of the leading means of communication these days. It’s used to promote, share, inform, and entertain your audience. When shared on social media, your online video can reach millions in minutes – even seconds. Your video’s contents can be animated, captured footage, or even just some simple text on screen with music. The rules are few when it comes to online video, but when done right, the impact can be huge. Online video can put you on the map. For an association, it can give you a personality and enhance your image.

1. Video improves SEO.

Having video on your website improves your search ranking.

2. Video keeps you visible and relevant.

If your audience is present on social media channels – YouTube, Facebook, etc., you need to also be present on social media channels and with video taking over all social media, you need to be pushing out video to remain relevant. If your audience is used to receiving information in a video format, you need to give them what they’re used to.

3. Video can improve member engagement.

If you’re filming onsite at a conference or an event, capturing member testimonials for a video is a great way to engage your members. Once the video is completed, they can share the video on social media and it helps improve their involvement in the association.

Your video must be visually, audibly, and emotionally appealing. The two most important factors to consider when creating a video is knowing your audience and keeping your video short and simple. Your audience has a short attention span. From real footage to testimonials, motion graphics, animation and stock footage, your video can be in a variety of different formats to accurately represent your association. Once you have your completed video, there are a few easy things you can do to maximize the reach.
1. Post the video to your website and all social media platforms & set to “auto-play.”
2. Add the video into relevant email marketing campaigns.
3. Share the video with contributors, members, industry partners, etc.

AH takes a video project from start to finish including filming (if necessary), animation, special effects, graphics, editing and post-production delivery.