It’s not about ideas.  It’s about making ideas happen.

Generations have looked to non-profits for inspiration and purpose. AH fosters the growth of non-profits, leading in innovation, and partners with them to take those ideas and make them happen. 

At AH, we take innovation seriously… so seriously, that we developed an entire committee around championing new ideas and solutions for our client partners and our company itself.

AH defines the Innovation Champion Committee (ICC) as a part of our growing company. It is responsible for aiding in the development of an innovative culture for AH. The ICC is charged with bringing innovative ideas that will help our client partners and, also, further AH’s vision of being the most innovative and trusted management partner to our client organizations. In addition, the ICC researches association, non-profit, and industry trends, and uses that insight in the development of new ideas.

Innovation is one of AH’s core values, as we value imagination, creativity, sharing of ideas, and collaboration. 

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